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The Lost Art Of Listening
3 min readMay 15, 2020


Me & Michael, on Zoom

Whether or not we ‘emerge’ from lockdown in the next few weeks or not, it looks like we are going to be working from home for a while yet. The world of work, like the world of music, might just have been changed for good. I don’t know about you, but the lockdown music earworm that I can’t get out of my head is that song ‘Zoom’ by Fat Larry’s Band — a one hit wonder of a hit in the UK (number 2!) from 1983. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more of it (and no we cannot quite find room for it on our playlists I’m afraid), but it goes off in my head every time I set up for yet another video call.

There is another song that hits me too, every morning, and that’s Phil Collins’ ‘Another Day In Paradise’. Funny what lockdown can do to you.

Anyhow, whatever your lockdown theme might be, can we suggest that you spice up your background theme for your Zoom (et. al.) calls with one of our super-cool, very beautiful Song Sommelier artwork covers?

I can guarantee you (I know because I have tried them out), that whoever you take a video call with next — if you have one of these beauties behind your head — will immediately ask “hey what is that cool background you have there”. And you can tell ’em it’s us — The Song Sommelier — the coolest music discovery place on the web for music lovers! All good! Actually better, since we are encouraging all who download one (or all 16!) of our covers, makes a discretionary donation to the PRS Foundation / Spotify COVID-19 relief fund for artists.

It’s a serious thing. With the decimation of the music festivals, touring and gigging business, artists have seen up to 70% of their income evaporate into the atmosphere. It’ll come back, but not for a while. And while the focus has shifted to the economics of streaming and what might be a fairer model for artists well, those debates I fear, will run and run. So, we wanted to do something — anything, to help.

When I started The Song Sommelier — with the idea of bringing more context to streaming and playlists — I wanted to go visual, but with something different, something special. When I got introduced to Mick, and saw what he could do with artist portraits and covers, that was that — it was clear that we would bring vinyl values to the playlist. And now, we can bring our ‘vinyl’ playlist covers to your conference calls!

It had to be done. You can go with one of our favourite artist covers from ‘Ready Freddie’ to ‘Gerry Cinnamon’, or go with a concept cover like Postmodernist Pop (that will really wow your interlocutors folks). Or choose from two of the world’s coolest bands, Radiohead and Spoon. And if you like a guitar, then you are in for a treat, with a selection of covers from our ‘Riff Raff’ series (back soon folks!).

Postmodernist Pop!

Anyway, enjoy, donate, have fun. And look real cool.

Stay safe, sound and sane.

For the Zoom background selection go to the gallery: https://www.songsommelier.com/zoom-background-gallery



The Lost Art Of Listening

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