Sonos Radio HD — has a third way to listen just arrived?

  1. Deeper track selection from known artists (something terrestrial radio continuously fails on) within a curated or themed show e.g. Yacht Rock.
  2. Wider artist selection within a themed show.
  3. Relevant, skilled curation e.g. indie for Sunset Fuzz, vintage rock for Rock Pantheon.
  4. Consistency and depth of mood developed while listening to a themed show.
  5. Good segues.
  6. Low skip rate (I try my best to resist skipping, but sometimes you have to).
  7. Discovery of some genuine gems that are new to me.
  8. Discovery of some genuine new artists that are new to me.
  9. Stickiness. Since discovery is a tough ask and often requires bookmarking for later, I’m adding a criteria that embodies much of the above but leaves you happily tuned in — ‘stickiness’ if you will, of the station overall.
  10. Some surprises.



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The Lost Art Of Listening

The Lost Art Of Listening

Welcome to the The Art of Longevity podcast, in which we dive deeper into classic artists’ careers.